Breaking free from Banking
This is a link to my interview and images that was recently featured on the Leica Camera blog.
NPR Picture Show - A day in the the life of a Tibetan Monk
Ever wondered what goes on inside those tucked-away Himalayan monasteries? As you might imagine, not too much. But Kaushal Parikh was drawn to that simplicity. Last year, the Mumbai-based photographer was attending a workshop in India when he stumbled across a small monastery and "immediately hit it off with the head monk." The result of his five days in that monastery is a simple "day in the life" photo story — and some valuable life lessons.
Mumbai Street Photography on
An essay on shooting on the streets of Mumbai hosted by Steve Huff on his extremely popular photography blog. The response I received was truly overwhelming.
Conquering the Streets of Mumbai
An essay with images shot on the streets of Mumbai hosted by the popular LA based street photographer Eric Kim's blog. Received some very encouraging comments from viewers.
Invisible Photographer Asia - Mumbai Street Photography
An essay on Mumbai street photography on Asia's most popular street and documentary photography website.
Goodbye 9 to 5, Welcome life
An article in the Indian Express about pursuing your passion
Mahan Sewa Sansthan Project - CRY
These pictures were shot for CRY to tell the story of the villages in the Arravalis and the people (primarily children) and the change that has happened and what more is required…
RAAS Haveli
Photographs taken for a new boutique hotel in Jodhpur, Rajasthan for Elite Traveler
RAAS Haveli for India Beat
Photographs taken for a new botique hotel in Jodhpur, Rajasthan for India Beat